Website Design Development

Websites form the gateway of communication between your business and prospective clients. Many businesses require an online presence to draw more customers. A website should provide essential details on the services offered by a company and most importantly, be able to hold the attention of visitors for long.

A great website can help you take over your competitors. At Tripat Infoways, we offer fully functional websites that help in atttracting an increasing number of visitors to your business.

We follow a very systematic process to ensure that you get your site designed without any hassle even if you do not have much technical knowledge.

Tell us you need a website

Get started by letting us know that you need a website. Just make sure you have enough details to help us begin the designing process, like how many pages will your website have, whether you need flash/animation, ecommerce or any other special feature. You must be able to describe your company and brief us on who would be your target customers, your competitors, and any other website to be used as a reference.

Review our proposal

After reviewing and discussing the scope of the project with our designers and programmers, we will send you a detailed proposal stating what exactly you want and the cost it would incur. Some of the information in our proposal would cover the following points:

  • Number of design concepts
  • Number of revisions
  • Animation feature
  • Programming requirements (if any)
  • Number of days until the revisions are ready for review
  • Number of days for coding the website.

Approve the proposal and let's get going

The first phase of the designing process begins as soon as you accept the terms of our proposal. In the meantime, you can finish the payment process so that your purchase is confirmed.

Review the first draft

The first draft of the design concepts will be sent within 3-5 business days(depending on the package you choose). After reviewing the concepts, choose one which you like best.


Ask for revisions if you feel the chosen concept requires some. The revision process will continue till you find the design absolutely perfect.

Programming/Coding your website

Once the design is finalized, we will begin coding your website. The entire process generally takes a little less than two weeks (subject to change). This phase also covers other programming requirements like a animation intro or a animation gallery.

Get your completed art files and go live

After the website is finalized, we format it for immediate download so that you can have all the reference files. We also submit the final files to your web host account and cross check if there are any bugs. Once your site has been tried and tested, we make it live (with your approval).